Yellowjackets Final Recap: Hello Antler Queen


Christina Ricci plays the cruel manipulator Misty.

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Clashes, meetings, elections and…bears ended a glorious first season of Showtime’s yellow jackets.

The show about a high school girls’ soccer team stranded in the desert promised Lord of the Flies, but with periods, complicated relationships and smarter female leaders. Creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson knew the fire had to burn slowly, so when the girls finally forget all traces of who they were — when they have an appetite for human flesh — it’s as believable, impactful and disturbing as can be. .

Episode 10 unleashes some of that hell. We get answers. Not all of them – the season 1 finale poses a lot of other questions – but at least we’ve figured out (some) Jackie’s fate. Once captain of the Wiskayok Yellow Jackets team, once Shauna’s best friend, Jackie is the only main character not around in the current timeline. How does she die? Is she killed in the opening chase scene where everything seems to hang?

Apparently no. After finally confronting Shauna about sleeping with her boyfriend Jeff behind her back – not to mention the clichés in her nice girl and best friend dynamic – Jackie angrily spends the night outside the cabin. Just before tragically freezing to death during the first unexpected blizzard of winter (who else was pleasantly surprised that Jackie didn’t end up being brutally stabbed by anyone?), Jackie has a vision, which was foreshadowed by Van’s similar experience in limbo between life. and death. Jackie dreams of herself and Shauna as best friends once again, and the rest of the Yellow Jackets team, including Laura Lee, who died in a plane explosion two episodes ago, welcome her back to the heat with open arms.


Jackie (Ella Purnell) succumbs to a tragic fate.

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Only there’s one more figure waiting in the corner. A dark man with a not-so-subtle demonic vibe. “Glad you’re joining us,” he intones. “We were waiting for you.”

So… is Jackie really gone for good? I imagine the answer is a tenuous no. Perhaps all the dead Yellowjackets are ready to return thanks to supernatural forces, which the writers wisely kept at bay for most of Season 1. Is the man the same person who died in the cabin? Is this “in-between” place, as Van describes it, the basis of a cult? One connected to the group of people who kidnap Natalie just before she attempts suicide?

The man in the shadows.

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Speaking of the supernatural – it turns out that Taissa, the logic, the one who’s always had an explanation for Lottie’s dreams and omens, has kept a dark secret in the basement all along. His wife Simone trips over a splash of blood, and so she stares wide-eyed at Taissa’s secret shrine to, presumably, “the ancient gods of heaven and dirt”, to use Lottie’s words. The family dog ​​and her heart are sacrificed, it seems, to ensure that Taissa wins her election. We should have predicted. She has always been obsessed with winning, by whatever means. RIP Allie’s broken leg.

Another big reveal: Is Lottie Matthews still alive? Natalia receives a phone call just before she is kidnapped by the mysterious symbol-using group. She blackmailed bank employee Suzie into investigating who took the money from Travis’ bank account shortly before he was found dead by hanging. The answer is someone named Lottie Matthews. Can we safely say she is The Antler Queen at this point?


Lottie The Antler Queen?

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Probably not, but all signs point to Lottie. His visions of a deer losing its antlers. The scene where she wakes up in the middle of the night and stands in front of antlers mounted on the cabin wall, giving her an antler crown. Your crown-style helmet for homecoming in the wild. Your bear heart sacrifices in the snow. By the way, “Versez le sang, mes beaux amis” translates to “shed blood, my beautiful friends”. Just a few signs there. That said, there is a theory thatin the end, it is Lottie who is killed and eaten in the opening scene.

More loose ends: Did Travis, Coach Martinez’s oldest son and Natalie’s best friend, really commit suicide? Or was he murdered? Why can Lottie stare at the bears until they surrender and let her stab them in the head? Fake journalist Jessica Roberts dies from smoking Misty’s doctored cigarettes? Who is the eyeless man haunting Taissa? When are we going to find out what the symbol means?

Not that it really matters, given how fun Yellowjackets is, but it took me a while to figure out what Yellowjackets really is. The story goes that creators Lyle and Nickerson were asked, early in development, what they were trying to say with the show. The two different timelines didn’t help clarify the overall message. In the present, it seems that destruction and trauma are key themes. But overall, as we see in the 1996 timeline, dismantling the hierarchy among teenage girls is the answer.

With a deliberate and measured unraveling of the girls’ relationships with one another and understanding of reality, Yellow Jackets definitely delivered on that promise. It brought in some of the best TVs of 2021 and early 2022. The planned five-season series has been renewed for a second season, promising more answers and more fascinating stories to come. Praise be, Yellow Jackets. Praise be.

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