UPDATE: Evanston City Manager’s Choice John Fournier Turns Down Job, City Says

Editors’ Note: This story contains updated information, including the letter John Fournier, candidate for city manager, sent to Mayor Daniel Biss.

Ann Arbor, assistant city administrator John Fournier, told the city that she will not accept the position of city manager of Evanston after the sides failed to reach a final agreement on her employment contract, according to a press release.

And it appears that the city’s press release and Fournier’s letter to the City Council clash over the reasons for his withdrawal.

Fournier is the second leading candidate to step down as manager in less than four months, despite the city having hired companies to conduct surveys across the country. He had been one of two candidates announced by the City Council who went through interviews with community leaders and a town hall with the Evanstonians.

Fournier and his wife sit outside Council chambers as the Council begins to discuss his appointment on May 23. Credit: Robert Seidenberg

Local activist groups lobbied against Fournier’s selection, preferring Snapper Poche, the other finalist, who is Program Director of the Leadership Team at Bloomberg Harvard City in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Fournier, however, was the only candidate able to muster all seven Council votes for the nomination.

Evanston City Council members voted 9-1 on Monday, May 23, to authorize the nomination.

Fournier, 38, attended the board session with his wife, Chelsea Wentworth, shaking hands in appreciation as board members concluded their vote by officially confirming him as their choice.

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