There is a shortage of Sriracha. Here are 9 excellent alternatives to try.

Sriracha has built a fervent fan base over the years, but the makers of this cult favorite hot sauce have announced a impending summer supply shortage, to the chagrin of hot sauce lovers. The shortage is a product of a particularly sparse spring harvest of chili peppers used in making the Thai-inspired condiment, according to Huy Fong (PDF).

Sriracha rations have already sold out on the shelves of online stores. While a world—or even a summer—without the slightly sweetened hot sauce sounds like a bummer, there are some excellent Sriracha alternatives to add to pantry shelves to help you out.

From imitations of Srirachas to original versions and even some similar but different condiments to try in your soups, sandwiches and fries, these are the best Sriracha substitutes for when you can’t eat the real thing.

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The best Sriracha alternatives to try this summer

La Gon Ma

Chili crisp is not an exact replacement for Sriracha, but it has many of the same flavors: warm, sweet, and umami. Lao Gan Ma chili crisp is another cult favorite and can add a nice pop to your foods when Sriracha is not an option.


This is one I haven’t tried yet, but the recipe is similar to Hoy Fung’s Sriracha and this Thai chili sauce gets rave reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. A six-bottle pack will cost $18 on Amazon.

fly by jing

Fly by Jing also makes an excellent chili crisp for topping sandwiches, ramen, stir fries and dipping your dumplings and other dim sum favorites. It boasts a harmony of sweet, spicy and salty flavors, but with a little more umami, courtesy of sesame oil, mushroom and fermented black beans.

A jar of this addictive condiment costs $15 or you can get them at a discount if you buy four or six at once.

fly by jing

While we’re experimenting with new sauces, Fly by Jing’s Zhong sauce is just as excellent, though perhaps not as close to Sriracha flavor as chili crisp. This dipping sauce gets a rich sweetness from brown sugar and aromatic soy sauce.


David Chang and Momofuku make an equally delicious crunchy pepper condiment. This version has a healthy dose of sesame seeds and will keep your food sufficiently seasoned until Sriracha is back in stock.

Bushwick kitchen

As you might expect, Sriracha’s popularity has spawned some imitation creations. Bushwick Kitchen makes Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha sauce. It’s made with most of the same ingredients as Hoy Fung’s sizzling sauce and appears to be in stock (for now).

Bushwick kitchen

Sriracha scarcity is a good time to experiment with sauce twists. Bushwick Kitchen also makes an in-stock Sriracha curry that retails for $11 a bottle.


Cholula’s garlic and chili sauce is another classic condiment that seems to be in short supply, but sweet habanero is another good substitute that can bear some of Sriracha’s load during the shortage. Amazon has bottles for just over $4 each when you buy a six-pack.

from Melinda

Melinda’s makes over a dozen excellent sauces that you can buy online. The closest to Sriracha is the tasty Thai Sweet Chili, but don’t sleep on others, including the habanero honey mustard and black truffle hot sauce.

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