Summer is mural time in Evanston with the debut of four new

Four new murals are lighting up our beautiful city, and the first was completed in early July in 1815 Norwood Court.

I had never heard of Norwood Court, but it is the short, dead-end street along the west side of the tracks, the one that runs from Lyons to Clark Street, accessible by turning east on Ridge Avenue at Clark or from the south on Oak Avenue.

the mural live INSPIRED, by artist Molly Z Credit: Gay Riseborough’s photo

The mural, entitled live INSPIRED, is by artist Molly Z, her mural nickname. (She IS Molly Zakrajsek, actually.)

The composition is abstract shapes in bright colors – the only distraction is a huge bright red Coke Studio billboard behind the electrical wires above the mural. (Who put that there anyway?) The mural was funded by Trulee Co.

Trulee Evanston is the new senior building overlooking the Norwood Court mural. Like several other residential buildings near the tracks, a mural definitely illuminates the residents’ view.

The “Fluent Foundations” mural by Molly Z. Credit: Gay Riseborough’s photo

Molly Z has another mural in Evanston on the north side of the Grove Street Viaduct on Elmwood Avenue called Fluent Foundations. The title is an astute reference to the efflorescence that runs through the viaduct walls throughout the city. This mural was painted in 2019 with the help of teenagers from the Fine Arts department at Evanston Township High School.

The “Custer Street Oasis” is getting a shiny new mural on the Metra embankment. Funded by the Main-Dempster Mile, it starts under the Main Street flyover and heads west, up the exit ramp and ending where the trees begin.

Artist Brett Whitacre works on a mural in Evanston. Credit: Gay Riseborough’s photo

The artist, Brett Whitacre, lives in Rockford, but has murals all over Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Rockford and 11 in Norwalk, Connecticut, where he was hired to liven up a “dying” mall.

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