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It’s a police night in Arrington Lagoon as the department participates in the annual National Night Out. “This was the first year that we held it by the lake,” Acting Chief Richard Eddington said of the event that unites police and residents. “We used to do this on a neighborhood basis. We wanted a gathering of the whole community.” The city provided food, snacks, as well as a DJ, and screened the season’s first Starlight Movie in the Park. Relaxing are (from left) Officers Corey McCray, Enjoli Daley and Cesar Galindo. (Photo by Richard Cahan)

Richard Cahan takes pictures for the Evanston Roundtable. He is also the editor of CityFiles Press, a small but powerful media company that believes in the power of words and images. You can reach it in… More by Richard Cahan

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