Pokemon Scarlet and Violet details coming to Pokemon Presents on Wednesday

The Pokemon Company has trainers ready, with video presentation scheduled for wednesday which will include new details about Nintendo Switch games Pokemon Scarlet and Violetwhich comes out on November 18th.

The presentation, which will apparently be a full video rather than a live stream, will also include updates on other Pokémon apps and games, according to the company.

When can I watch Pokemon Presents?

The video presentation will be available on Wednesday at 6 am PT/9 am ET, which converts to 2 pm in the UK or 11 pm in Sydney, Australia.

How can I watch Pokemon Presents?

It will be available on the official Pokémon YouTube channel. We’ve embedded the YouTube link above so you can watch it here.

What can we expect from Pokemon Presents?

The presentation will almost certainly reveal more new and old pokemons we’ll find in Scarlet and Violet, and we can highlight some of the game’s new gameplay features and battle mechanics.

We haven’t received any hints about which Pokemon apps will be included, but it’s possible that we’ll get updates on the mobile megahit pokemon gobattle arena game Pokemon Unite or brush your teeth AR game smile pokemon. It’s also been more than three years since we’ve heard anything about the mysterious pokemon sleep.

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