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One of my computer accounts was recently hacked. Thank God for the friend who called me and told me I had been hacked. describes hacking as: using “a computer to gain unauthorized access to data on a system”.

Credit: Brett Jordan in Unsplash

The idiot who hacked me deleted everything on this particular account as well as my address file.

The following is what the hacker email contained:

“How are you? Hope you’re okay? Can you confirm you got my email? Can I ask a favor?

I received this same hacker email on another of my accounts that didn’t use my name in their address.

After I learned that my account had been hacked, I called people to let them know about opening or replying to any emails that appeared to be from me. A retired lawyer I called chuckled and told me he’d been hacked countless times. Another friend I hadn’t contacted in a while said, “At least hacking gets people in touch with each other.”

Several people told me that they had opened the email but knew it wasn’t mine because of the way it was written. My niece said her son warned her against the email saying, “This is not from Aunt Peggy.”

Anyone opening the hacker email would receive a request to buy some gift cards for one of my (unnamed) relatives. One of my friends told me that she responded to this request with a statement that she “was not able to give the amount requested at that time”. She then received a request for a smaller amount to which she gave the same response. She admitted that she wondered why I was making a monetary request from her when she had relatives who could help.

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