Microsoft ended the Xbox One

Microsoft's Xbox One.

Goodbye Xbox One.

Sarah Tew/CNET

A new Xbox One hasn’t been built in over a year. Microsoft halted production at the end of 2020 to turn its focus to the then-new Xbox Series X|S, the company confirmed Thursday.

The Xbox One debuted in 2013. One analyst estimates that over 51 million Xbox One consoles were sold by mid-2020. Sony’s PlayStation 4, which also debuted in 2013, sold nearly double that number.

The Xbox One news, previously reported by The Verge, comes on the heels of Sony’s PS4 news, which reportedly continue to produce the PS4 as it struggles to meet demand for the PlayStation 5 since its 2020 debut.

All of this is happening within the broader context of events related to the pandemic. supply chain problems, which delayed the availability of needed parts across the technology industry and the delivery of finished products.

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