Evanston Police arrest suspect in July 14 murder case

The Evanston Police Department announced Wednesday night that it had arrested a suspect in the July 14 murder of Servando Hamros in the park along the North Shore Canal.

Khiyran Monroe, a 20-year-old Evanston resident, was turned over to police by his lawyer on July 25 and charged with first-degree murder the next day.

In the ad, police allege that an initial confrontation took place between Hamros and Monroe that “appeared to result from Hamros making a video of Monroe and a female companion having sex in the park.” The subsequent investigation revealed that “it is possible that the confrontation escalated and Hamros stole Monroe.” Hamros and Monroe apparently didn’t know each other before their fatal encounter in the park. After the confrontation, “Monroe and her companion fled the park” into Monroe’s vehicle, according to the police statement.

Police say Monroe returned to the park with a loaded gun, found Hamros and “fired approximately 17 shots at Hamros.” A shot hit Hamros in the eye, killing him.

Responding officers provided first aid until the Evanston Fire Department arrived, but Hamros was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said Hamros’ 7-year-old daughter, who was with him in the park when the incident occurred, was not injured.

Monroe is being held without bail until his next court appearance on August 16.

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