ETHS Softball: Kit Girls Lose For First Softball Win

The Evanston softball team finally found a way to win on Wednesday.

The winning formula? Score 12 runs in the first inning – and make your opponent play softball for a change.

The Wildkits scored 22 hits and ended a season 0-16 beating Lake Forest 24-4.

Freshman Delilah Liston led the charge with a 4-in-4 performance, driving in 3 runs, and classmate Maya Nelson added 3 hits in the kill rule triumph.

“We’ve done a good job this year getting back into the teams, but we usually start too late,” said ETHS coach Amy Gonzales. “Today was different and it was good to finally have them winning a victory, to have that feeling (of winning).

“It’s a different game when you’re ahead, as opposed to always having to fight back. As coaches, we try to figure out what we should do differently, what changes we could make. Other coaches told me that our record didn’t match our ability. It’s good to hear – but I know it. We just need some of the pieces to fit together. Hopefully this will give us a push in the right direction (with 4 games left in the regular season).”

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