Eternals post-credits scenes explained and how they hold the keys to the future of the MCU


Thena may or may not appear in one of the post-credits scenes.

Marvel Studios

eternal hit Disney Plus on Wednesday, bringing Marvel Cinematic Universe to some trippy cosmic places. Oscar winning director Chloe Zhaothe film establishes a new team of immortal heroes tasked with defending Earth from the nasty Deviants, and includes a couple of post-credits scenes that are likely to get you excited about the future of the MCU.

The film takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame, which saw the Mad Titan Thanos defeated and billions of missing people returned to Earth after five years. Our separate ending explainer delves into how this works in Eternals, so let’s take a look at how the extra cutscenes hint at what’s to come.

There is only one direction you can go from there, and that will lead you to SPOILER.


Titan Visitor

The mid-credits scene brings us back to the Domo, the ship of the Eternals, as Thena, Makkari, and Druig seek out their counterparts on other worlds to reveal the truth of their origins – which are synthetic beings created by the divine Celestials. and tasked with ensuring the emergence of Celestials from seeded worlds, dooming the inhabitants of their host planet.

They wonder why their allies on Earth didn’t make contact and worry that the Celestial Arishem attacked after they stopped Tiamut’s Emergence.

Eros (Harry Styles) in Eternals

Eros makes his entry into Eternals, along with Pip.

Marvel Studios

These fears are confirmed by the arrival of extremely great Eros (Harry Styles), “the Royal Prince of Titan, brother of Thanos, the Knave of Hearts…defeating Black Roger”, who teleports aboard with Pip the Troll (Patton Oswalt). He informs them that their friends are in “big trouble”, so their mission will have to wait until Eros and Pip know how to find them.

Feels Like The First Time, a 1977 Foreigner song that sure sounds like it’s about sex but apparently isn’t, kicks in as the credits roll.

What does that mean?

The Eternals have a new ally, but he’s likely to be an insufferable narcissist.

Avengers 232 (Eros/Starfox)

Eros has worked with the Avengers over the years.

marvel comics

In the comics, Eros is an Eternal who goes by the codename Starfox (not to be confused with the Nintendo’s classic series of games) and first appeared in 1972. Unlike his angry brother Thanos, he opted for a hedonistic lifestyle while growing up on Titan.

In addition to the usual eternal immortality, he has the power to psychically stimulate the pleasure centers of people’s brains – meaning he can manipulate their emotions and make them excited, euphoric, or sedated.

The concept of consent gets hazy around someone like that, especially since Eros considers himself a womanizer. His behavior apparently caught him in 2006 She-Hulk storyline where a married woman accused him of sexual assault.

The familiar MCU is unlikely to touch on such a sensitive topic, so the nature of the Eros movie’s powers could be tweaked or he could be portrayed a little differently. marvel fell an official poster featuring Styles as Ero on November 18.

Pip the Troll made his comic book debut in 1975 like a royal prince who turned into a troll after drinking a little too much of his enchanted liquor. He became a helper to the divine being Adam Warlock and gained teleportation powers.

He apparently has a cameo in the newly released Guardians of the Galaxy game (which is not part of the MCU canon) as well.

MCU Adam Warlock's Cocoon

We’ve only seen the MCU Adam Warlock in this cozy cocoon.

Marvel Studios

Adam has only made a brief appearance in the movies so far, in one of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Many half credits scenes. Ayesha – the enraged leader of the Golden Sovereign – announces her plan to destroy the Guardians with the new creation “Adam”, and we see a mysterious cocoon.

Director James Gunn confirmed that Will Poulter will be Adam at the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie, who is about to leave May 5, 2023, and he will likely be an antagonist to the Guardians at first. Pip’s introduction suggests that their paths will cross and that the Eternals’ story will be a factor in this film.

The Vampire Hunter’s Debut

The post-credits scene brings us back to Dane Whitman (Kit Harington) in London. He alluded to a “tricky” family story before Sersei was grabbed by Arishem, and we find him opening a box containing a sinister-looking dark sword.

Black Knight Sword in Eternals

The sword reacts as Dane Whitman approaches.

Marvel Studios

He is clearly hesitant to take it, which is understandable given the sign on the box translates to “Death is my reward”. It would probably be wise to just close the box and call the Avengers if you want to get Sersei back.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this Mr. Whitman?” says someone mysterious, and the scene ends.

Mahershala Ali Wears Blade Hat at SDCC 2019 (Getty)

We haven’t seen Mahershala Ali as Blade yet, so here he is wearing a Blade hat in 2019.

Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

What does that mean?

Let’s jump right into the voice – it’s Blade, the vampire hunter. Actor Mahershala Ali’s deliciously smooth voice is unmistakable, and we’ve known since 2019 that he was cast in the role.

You may remember the character being portrayed by Wesley Snipes in the Blade trilogy which ran from 1998 to 2004. These movies came before the MCU, so they are not part of its continuity, and the character will have a fresh start with Ali (Blade also had a nearly forgotten TV show on Spike in 2006, also pre-MCU).

Blade Human-Vampire Hybrid First Comic Appearance happened in 1973. Eric Brooks’ mother was turned into a vampire shortly before he was born, giving him some of the traditional powers of bloodsuckers and immunity to their bites.

His burning need for revenge against the vampire who turned his mother led him into the vampire hunting business, and he’s staked them on the comics ever since. He was also born in London, so it’s only fitting that he made his first MCU appearance in the UK capital.


Wesley Snipes’ version of Blade is the most iconic, but it’s unclear if the MCU version of Ali will have this look.

New Line Cinema

We don’t know when his solo MCU movie will be released, but it will be directed by Bassam Tariq (best known for directing last year’s Mogul Mowgli).

It won’t be Ali’s first MCU role; he once played the villain Cottonmouth in Luke Cage Netflix Series. Given the multiversal crossover possibilities indicated in the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, it’s possible that the new Blade could run into Snipes’ version of the character at some point (this might be wild speculation on my part, but it would be nice).

As for Mr. Whitman, he’s been the sword-wielding superhero Black Knight in the comics. since 1967. Several characters have taken up the Black Knight mantle over the years, but Dane is the most prolific.

Black Knight in the comics

Dane Whitman killed many beasts as Black Knight in the comics.

marvel comics

He wields the Ebony Blade, an enhanced sword forged from a meteorite and passed down from Whitman’s ancestors. He can cut through almost any substance, absorb energy, and be telekinetically summoned (such as Thor’s hammer Mjolnir).

Unfortunately for Dane, the sword is also cursed – using it gradually drives the wielder insane. Given his MCU counterpart’s hesitancy, that’s likely to be the case in the movie universe as well.

We don’t know why Blade is interested in Dane or the sword at this point, but he may be recruiting heroes to fight some supernatural threat (vampiric or otherwise). In the comics Blade is a member of the midnight children, a team assembled by Doctor Strange due to their ties to the occult. The next Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness might bring a version of that group to the MCU.

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