Biden again tests positive for COVID, in a ‘rebound’ case

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US President Joe Biden tested positive again for COVID-19 late Saturday morning after negative tests for several days, but no symptoms reappeared and the president”continues to feel very good“, said White House physician Kevin O’Connor.

In a memo released Saturday, O’Connor said there was no need for further treatment at this time, but that close observation of the president’s condition would continue.

O’Connor said Biden was testing more frequently for the coronavirus due to the possibility of COVID recurrence following his treatment with paxlovidan oral medication used to prevent severe cases.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement earlier this year that a small number of participants in a clinical trial of Paxlovid tested positive after testing negative. The agency said that in these cases, disease recurrence improved or resolved without further treatment in an average of three days.

O’Connor said Biden would “restart strict isolation procedures” to avoid the possibility of infecting others.

More to come.

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